The Franklin Co. Sheriff's Explorer club is for high school students who are interested in a career in law enforcement. The club introduces students to training and activities that they will endure in the Police Academy if they choose that career path. The club normally would meet once sometimes twice a week for training after school hours (normally 4 PM). Students are help to a high standard. They must maintain at minimum a C average in all classes, must adhere with no deviation to school rules and Sheriff Dept. SOP during training and while performing in public events. Examples of training are as follows:
1) Basic Understanding of Law Enforcement
2) Basic Tennessee Law pertinent to Law Enforcement
3) Report Writing
4) Building Clearing
5) Domestic Violence 
6) Search techniques
7) Suspect apprehension techniques
8) Vehicle Traffic Stops
9) Felony Vehicle Stops
10) Vehicle Accident investigation
11) DUI Enforcement (Standardized Field Sobriety Test)
12) Officer Safety (Defensive Tactics)
Students also participate in community program:
3)Fund Raisers
4)Public Events (When requested)
5)Private Events (When requested)