Principal's Corner

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The mission of FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL is to prepare students to become well-balanced, productive citizens with effective communication skill, who make timely and responsible decisions to pursue learning for both academic and personal achievement.

Teachers, parents, and community members will join forces to provide both the academic and environmental support necessary to foster and enhance every student’s innate ability to be a lifelong learner and achieve post secondary success.


It is the vision of Franklin County High School that through motivating students to deeper studies and keeping them focused on graduating high school; students of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds will be skilled and prepared for pursuing careers in professional, technical, or vocational areas. Guiding values of self-discipline, community, high standards, and perseverance will be emphasized.

The vision with which the school works is that a student who approaches the final years at FCHS would have developed:

A sense of integrity, dignity, and confidence to face life’s challenges.

An ability to learn on one’s own and take responsibility for learning.

The capacity to make choices of future activities.

The intelligence to remain a sensitive human being with openness.


At FCHS we treat each other with respect, take responsibility for our actions, and an attitude to enhance our learning experience.